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Thomas' first piece was an Easter gift for his wife. A spoon, hand crafted from a piece of cherry that turned into a gift, rich in colour and texture which sparked his interest for continuing to create more.


His family members and friends requested these handmade pieces and eventually it spiralled into a small business. Just Simply Wood Company, based out of London, Ontario. His custom orders have gone around the world and his work is one of great talent. A lot of the wood he gathers is actually spare or cracked pieces from other woodworkers' bigger projects. He collects these small, broken pieces to create unique serving boards, spreaders and knives. An important fact of Thomas' work is that it is all fire treated; no chemicals are used in the making of his creations.


"The amazing thing about carving is that I am never limited to the piece of wood but only to one’s imagination. Whether it is my own design or one the purchaser envisions, I personally hand craft each item myself allowing attention to detail and ensuring that each end product is unique to the person that owns them."





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